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Rosinstein Solventless Extractions Rosin

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Rosin Extractions

Specializing in Rosin Shatter, that can be used to Dab, Vape Oil, edible infusion.

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Available for public and private events in DC.


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     In 2014 I began my journey into the Gastric Sleeve Surgery program, as a child I struggled with obesity and the numerous health problems that followed into adulthood like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, diabetes type 2, a back injury that left me 2 pinched nerves, L1 and L2 Disc hernia's "5 mm", Vertigo, Light Sensitivity, and temperature sensation differences across all 4 quadrants of my body.  I smoked cannabis on and off before having surgery to help with pain and inflammation, after having bariatric surgery I was never able to regain my natural ability to get hungry as well as difficulty with nausea after eating.

     It wasn't until I was changing jobs which required drug testing for me to realize how important cannabis had become post surgery.  I stopped smoking cannabis to prepare for a new job and shortly within 4 days lost 40 lbs.  I went back to my doctor and they asked what changed and I mentioned the cannabis use, they subsequently prescribed me medical marijuana.  I started to smoke and my condition was getting worse, I started feeling weak, chest was congested, coughing, low energy levels, I could feel myself falling apart.  I knew cannabis was my answer but smoking wasn't.

     This resulted in my passion for removing smoking from medicinal cannabis and ease the stress on my throat, lungs and avoid fatigue due to toxic chemicals and carcinogens.  Cannabis Rosin is now my answer, its clean easy and simple to dab, cook, vape oils and topical use.  To increase the effectiveness of my cannabis use I use essential oils when nausea symptoms are beginning but during severe cases I have to dab. 


Taking my technical knowledge in information technology combined with my medical need I combined those to create ]RoSiN[STEIN and provide rosin extraction as service for those seeking the benefits of smoke free cannabis made without chemical solvents or dismantled and put back together.


Essential oils I use for both nausea or stomach aches:  

DigestZen and Copaiba provided by DoTerra, if you'd like to find out more see these links:   

   Why DoTERRA?         What is CO-IMPACT Sourcing?

Professional Experience is available via here -> LinkedIn

DISCLAIMER: The District of Columbia has legalized the growing, consumption and possession of cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia for adults 21 years of age and older.  You do not need a medical recommendation to legally grow, possess or consume cannabis within the boundaries of the District of Columbia.  However, cannabis remains a controlled substance under Federal Law and is illegal.  The District of Columbia includes significant portions of property that is subject to Federal Law (like the National Mall, Rock Creek Park, and many other areas), where cannabis is illegal.  It is your responsibility to educate yourself on the current laws regarding cannabis.  Rosinstein, its affiliates, and any individuals related to it specifically disclaim any liability with regard to your personal growth, consumption or possession of cannabis. For more information about the laws of the District of Columbia, go to this website:


This website and the information provided herein are in full compliance with the District of Columbia Ballot Initiative 71 (2014) and other laws of the District of Columbia.  This website does not and will never maintain any offer to buy, sell, or exchange cannabis for remuneration in violation of Ballot Initiative 71 (2014). This website does not and will never offer to ship cannabis products across state lines.  



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